Every public transit agency understands the benefits of electronic fare collection: replacing cash and paper with smart cards and mobile apps moves fare product sales from the ticket window to the Internet, increasing passenger convenience and giving agencies actionable data. But historically their high price tags, complexity and multi-year schedules meant that only the largest agencies could afford these systems. Until now.

The TouchPass system, by Delerrok, makes electronic fare collection available to all agencies regardless of size or budget. By applying the latest advancements in cloud technology, TouchPass is able to offer all the features enjoyed by the largest agencies today and more – as a service, at a fraction of the cost, and without the headaches of new facilities and staffing. Agencies are charged low fees based on passenger usage for a secure, end-to-end solution that never becomes obsolete.

Proven in live Revenue Service to rave reviews, TouchPass is now ready to serve agencies throughout North America. Get the world’s most advanced account-based electronic fare collection solution – at a price your agency can easily afford. Contact Delerrok today